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Image Printing is a full service graphics company and offers the widest variety of graphic products in the United States. Over 90% of products we sell are produced or printed in our Spartanburg, SC facility.

At Image Printing we're continually expanding our product line to better serve our customer demands. In addition to the quality offset printing and screen printing that we are known for, we now also offer advertising specialty items and wide format eco-solve printing. So when you need a banner, automobile graphics, magnets, or give away type items like pens or fridge magnets you can rely on us.


PDF format is often a little smaller than native files.  If you do not expect us to make any changes to your document, you can save it as a PDF.  Make sure that you embed fonts and graphics and use a suitable "Prepress" or "Document Distribution" type of PDF.  To learn more about the PDF process Click Here.

CorelDraw has PDF Capabilities already built-in.  If you are not using CorelDraw you may have to acquire a PDF making program (do not confuse this with free PDF viewers - they do not make PDFs).  Use the following link to download a free PDF creation program:

Compress your files into a .zip or .rar format.  If you do not have any file compression software the following links will take you to download sites for the most popular compression utilities: Download a beta version of WinZip 9 (click here) Download WinRar (click here)

Photographic images should be no more than 300 dpi (at the size they will be printed) and a minimum of 225 dpi (at the size they will be printed).  If the photos are not going to be printed in full color, then they should be saved as greyscale to reduce file size. Crop your photos in a photo editing program prior to importing (placing) into page layout programs (if you crop in a page layout program the program retains the data nessasary for the entire image and thus the file size is not reduced).

You can also trace your line art bitmap images (scans) and turn them into a smal size file using a tracing program.  CorelDraw includes a very powerful tracing program.









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Not that long ago, recycled paper was dismissed by many printers as "junk." And rightly so. Printers were having problems with quality, availability and cost of recycled varieties. But today recycled and virgin stocks are almost indistinguishable.



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