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What you need to know about Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics has long replace traditional hand lettering and sign painting.  Vinyl is far more durable than any paint and actually tends to protect the surface it is adhered to and not destroy it like some paints.  Most vinyls are fairly permanent, but can be removed with a little heat from a commercial heat gun or hair drier (be careful not to damage the substrates). 

Vinyl for graphics comes in a very wide variety of colors, adhesive types, and quality.  Each vinyl type is quite unique in properties and needs to be matched to a specific need.  There are also quite a few different methods for creating vinyl graphics.  Vinyl for graphics typically comes on a roll and the adhesive side of the vinyl is attached to a slick paper backer.

The simplest vinyl graphic product is cut vinyl.  It is simply cut by a digital computer controlled precision cutting machine which cuts only the vinyl and not the disposable paper backer that the adhesive is adhered to.  After the vinyl is cut, the part of the vinyl that is not part of the design is "weeded" away by hand from the backer.  Then typically a special application tape is applied to the non-adhesive side of the vinyl to help with stability during the installation process.  If the vinyl decal is fairly small (smaller than 4"x4") and if the design is one contiguous piece, then the vinyl can be installed without the aid of application tape.  Vinyl that is fully ready to be installed is often referred to as "ready to apply" or "RTA".

Vinyl can also be printed.  Generally only white vinyl is printed, although it is possible to print most any vinyl.  Vinyl is printed on a special printer called a printer-plotter using special inks.  Some vinyl printers use a wax based ink or a water based ink, but those inks are not out door durable, so at Image Printing we ONLY use an eco-friendly solvent based ink.  Printable vinyl is printed in full color using CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) inks just like in most any other full color type of printing application.  The printing process can simulate spot colors and it will be a reasonable match to any Pantone color, but process color printers are not capable of printing true metallic inks, so if you have a need for metallic colors, then you will have to use a metallic vinyl instead of metallic ink.

To make things even more complicated, some vinyl graphics applications require both printing and contour cutting of the vinyl to achieve the desired look.

We HIGHLY recommend the laminating process for any printed vinyl which will be installed on anything that moves (cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, etc) or will be in an area where it will be exposed to a lot of light.  Sunlight does tend to fade printed graphics over a long period of time, but many laminates have a UV block which acts much as a suntan lotion sun block to prevent sun damage.

In order to navigate through all the complicated issues of vinyl graphics, we recommend that you seek the advice of a vinyl graphics professional, like those at Image Printing.  Don't get frustrated when your vinyl graphics professional starts asking you a lot of questions, he/she is just trying to make sure that you get the best product for your needs.


To order, stop by our shop which is located at 845 California Ave, Spartanburg, SC 29303, or send email to ImageP@aol.com with artwork or description of what you want on the magnets, or fax us at (864) 597-0726 or call (864) 583-8848.   We will email you a PDF proof, or you can stop by our shop to view the proof.  We do require 50% payment before starting your order. We can email you an invoice and you can pay the invoice on line or at our shop.

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