Embroidered Apparel

Hats, polo/golf shirts, and many other items are typically embroidered for a high end appearance.

Embroidery involves making a digitized file, which is basically a map for each stitch.  The cost of digitization is billed up front with the first order, but it’s just a one time cost as long as the image remains exactly the same (including size) for additional orders.  We can typically have your image digitized within 24 hours.

Once the file is digitized, it’s downloaded to our embroidery equipment, and the image is stitched onto the garment.

Embroidery is great for corporate identity apparel, and also for gifts.  At Image Printing, we keep a wide variety of thread colors in stock, and typically we can have smaller orders completed within a few days, and larger orders within a couple of weeks.

Image Printing uses Tajima 15 needle machines (so up to 15 thread colors in the same design).  We selected Tajima equipment because it has a reputation in the industry for having the best quality embroidery possible.

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